Training Program Title

Introduction to Electronic Consent

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Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research

Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan

Training Program Description

The Michigan Institute for Clinical & Translational Research (MICHR) provides supplemental training on the basics of electronic informed consent. This self-guided course is about the process of using electronic consent (eConsent) for clinical and translational research and was designed to outline basic concepts study team members should consider before using eConsent processes. Participants will learn what eConsent is and how it can be operationalized by study team members.

This training is designed to supplement synchronous workshops on the basics of informed consent provided by the Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research. No prior research experience or technical background is necessary to take this course, but further training on informed consent is recommended for all participants.

Competency Keywords

Informed consent

Digital Commons Disciplines

Medical Education



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Competency Domains

Scientific Concepts and Research Design; Ethical and Participant Safety Considerations; Study and Site Management

Learning Objectives

This module will

· Define eConsent

· Outline eConsent processes

· Identify tools commonly used by study teams to administer eConsent for a clinical or translational research study

Delivery Method


Target Learners

Principal Investigators; Clinical Research Professionals (other than PI); MDs including residents, house officers, fellows, hospitalists; Undergraduate, graduate or professional degree students; Post-doctoral scholars; Other

Other Target Learners

While the primary audience for this course is any member of a study team who is new to research or new to eConsent processes, anyone with an interest in eConsent is welcome to take it.

Learning Level





On demand

Time Needed

30 minutes

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