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How to Effectively and Compliantly Advertise Clinical Trials to Potential Participants


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Effectively advertising clinical trials open to enrollment at your research site can increase the success of your patient recruitment efforts. During this presentation, Mel Johnson, Marketing Director at Forte Research Systems will outline the basics of advertising a clinical trial to potential study participants, focusing on the steps necessary to determine your target audience and create engaging advertising materials.

Johnson will discuss strategies for posting on social media, examine when and where specific advertising materials are appropriate, and explain how your organization can build a strong online presence. Guest presenters, Wendy Tate, Director of Data Analytics at Forte, and Beth Harper of Clinical Performance Partners will also add their expertise to the discussion. During the presentation, Tate will discuss when it is necessary to gain regulatory approval for recruitment materials as well as best practices for working with your IRB. Harper will add her insight on operational factors to consider when advertising for patient recruitment.

Competency Keywords

Clinical research, Clinical trial, Communication, Social media, Recruitment, Community engagement

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Medical Education



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Clinical Trials Operations; Study and Site Management; Communication and Teamwork

Learning Objectives

  1. Steps to determine your target patient population
  2. Strategies for posting on social media
  3. Types of advertising materials and when they are appropriate
  4. Tips on engaging potential study participants online
  5. What recruitment materials do/do not need IRB approval
  6. How to prepare for patient recruitment at the operational level

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Principal Investigators; Clinical Research Professionals (other than PI); Undergraduate, graduate or professional degree students; Community Partners

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On demand

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