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Add Data Management to Your Clinical Research Resume and Expand Your Professional Potential


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In the clinical research industry, data management is critical to achieving reliable and statistically sound clinical trial outcomes. While many clinical researchers devote some of their time to data management tasks, optimal data management requires trained and qualified professionals who are committed to upholding quality data standards.

2018 Chair of the Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM), Shannon Labout, explores the value of quality data management in clinical trials and outlines the traits and skills necessary for effective data managers. You'll also hear from Forte's Director of Product Management, Shannon Roznoski, about her experience becoming a CCDM and how data management plays a key role in her career in the clinical research industry.

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Data management, Data quality, Quality assurance, Clinical research, Clinical trial

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Medical Education



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  1. Why it’s important to maintain quality data management practices
  2. Resources and networks available to improve your data management skillset
  3. Tools and considerations to streamline and standardize your organization’s data management operations

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Principal Investigators; Clinical Research Professionals (other than PI)

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On demand

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