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Bedside Nursing

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Contact us by email at or by phone at 215-822-8644

Training Program Description

This online course will provide information on the purpose and components of a research protocol and helpful strategies for writing a protocol draft with an Institutional Review Board reviewer’s perspective in mind. Three steps to writing an abstract, the difference between a study purpose and research question, and how to synthesize a review of literature that includes justification for conducting a study will be described. Other information will include: description of a critical thinking path for selecting appropriate data collection methodologies, describing risks and benefits to human subjects, and inclusion of a dissemination plan in study design.

This is a 60 minute internet media player video of a presentation with speaker and slides. A quiz concluding the presentation will summarize the topic and evaluate your understanding of the material.

Competency Keywords

IRB, Protocol

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Medical Education



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Competency Domains

Scientific Concepts and Research Design; Ethical and Participant Safety Considerations; Clinical Trials Operations; Study and Site Management

Learning Objectives

At the completion of the webinar, participants should be able to:

  1. Describe an outline of required elements when drafting a protocol for Institutional Review Board submission.

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Clinical Research Professionals (other than PI)

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On demand

Time Needed

60 minutes

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