Policies for Assessments

Who Can Submit

Only users who have created an account with Bepress may submit materials to the DIAMOND collection. Users associated with an institution that is part of the CTSA Consortium (Clinical and Translational Sciences Award) or an affiliate are encouraged to contribute web links to training and assessment programs or materials to the DIAMOND collection. Contributions are strictly voluntary.

Who Can Download

Any registered user of the DIAMOND portal can browse, conduct searches, and follow links to training and assessment materials from this site.

User Agreement of Responsibility for Assessment Materials Content and Collection Usage

1. The DIAMOND collection will only publish items related to work conducted under the auspices of the contributor's institution and its affiliates .

2. The DIAMOND collection provides no warranties or guarantees for the content of items that are submitted. Materials are provided as-is.

3. The DIAMOND collection is not responsible for the quality or specific content of items submitted to the collection.

4. Contributors to the DIAMOND collection retain all rights to their items and are responsible for the content of all items they submit.

5. Contributors may update or revise their submitted items at any time.

6. Contributing institutions retain all responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of their links, materials, web pages, etc.

7. Users should be aware that links to materials could become unavailable without notice, as they may become broken or unexpectedly removed by the hosting institutions that retain the content.

8. An Item may be removed from the collection by sending a request to the system administrator at contactdiamond@umich.edu. Items will be removed within 30 business days of the initial request.

9. There are no fees to contribute or download materials. Only registration is required .

Rights and Permissions

Before submitting a contribution to the DIAMOND collection, please be sure that all necessary permissions have been cleared. You retain the copyright to your materials and grant the DIAMOND collection the nonexclusive right to publish this material, meaning that you may also publish it elsewhere.